1-800-Gifters ® brings to you Baskettes ® Vanilla Spring ™ gift basket for you or your Giftee ® to either take to the spa or bring the spa right to your homes. This collection is teeming with the rich fragrance of vanilla bean body lotion, bath gel, bath salts, linen spray, peppermint foot soak, bath caviar and more. To complete the baskette, slippers and a towel are included. Your Giftee ® will submerge themselves in luxury!

Vanilla Spring ™ Baskette ® Gift Basket

  • The Vanilla Spring ™ gift basket includes:

    • Creamy Vanilla Bean Scented
    • Shower Gel (6.70oz)
    • Body Lotion (6.70oz)
    • Body Scrub (6.02oz)
    • Bar Soap (4.90oz)
    • Canvas Sachet Bag w/Lavender (1)
    • Waffle Slippers (1)
    • Natural Sisal Sponge (1)
    • Bath Caviar (1)
    • Bubble Bath (9.64oz)
    • Eye Mask (1)
    • Body Souffle (1)
    • Peppermint Foot Soak (1)
    • Fine Bath Salts (1)
    • Chunky Bath Salts (1)
    • Turban/Hair Towel (1)
    • Sheet Spray (1)
    • Soap dish (1)


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